November 06, 2013

Mrs. Carter Tour, Melbourne.

I have a 'top-five-musical-artist' list, number one on that list is Beyonce. On October 22nd, I had a date with Mrs. Carter at Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne. Her energy was so infectious, she had everyone out of their seats. I spent two hours of that night not thinking of anything else, I got completely lost in the music, and left feeling so inspired. 

The fine print on the ticket said that "cameras, audio and video recorders may not be permitted", however I seem to be unable to enjoy anything unless i'm looking through the viewfinder of my 5D Mark III, so i decided to ignore that. I had to disassemble it and put it under my jacket which actually made me feel like I was disrespecting Beyonce, but it also made me feel like a bit of a bad-ass so i did it anyway.


  1. Haha as I was looking at the pictures I was thinking "What?! In Australia they let them bring professional cameras to concerts?!" haha you sneaky girl, great job!

  2. OH! Looks amazing. I love Bey!

  3. I went to one her shows in London. She is by far the best female entertainer of our generation! She is literally my idol........just don't get me started on Bey as I never finish lol

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